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…From the beautiful and mystical island in the Pacific, Molokai, Hawaii, I am one of the few that are privileged to have my roots deeply embedded in these Hawaiian islands. Having grown up in the islands, the ocean, mountains, streams, and valleys have been my playground. Always in search of the next adventure in this vast open land that I call my home.

After High school on Molokai (yes, the only one on the island) I continued my education at the University of Hawaii, Manoa. I have a Bachelors of Science degree in business. Not one to sit for too long, I ventured out to get my Fitness certificate and then added on a Personal Trainer’s certificate. And just because fitness and massage therapy went hand in hand, I also became a licensed Massage Therapist in the State of Hawaii.

I’m an avid ocean paddler. I’ve competed in the Elite competition for canoe paddlers from Molokai to Oahu Na Wahine O ke Kai Race a total of 18 times! And each time it never disappointed me. Conditions are across the board. I’ve competed in Racquetball for many years. It was addicting! I’ve also done road biking here on the island, averaging 30 miles , 4 days a week. Whew….

Because of the years of being in the fitness industry, I trained hard to be in the best shape possible. Like so many people, I too have struggled with weight loss. Being a proud Ma-ma of two grown boys, life has it’s priorities. I’ve gone back and forth with the challenges of keeping fit, in between juggling “LIFE”. Seriously, I get it. And that’s why, if you will join me in one of my fitness classes, I promise to make you laugh, while making you sweat. Fun shouldn’t only be something you do when you’re out playing. Fun is also, working out, with me motivating you all the way.

Patti Moana Huff

$75 per single session
$180 for 3 sessions
$300 for 6 sessions