Private Swim Lessons

>Coach: Curt Colby      ASCA level II, Swim America, W.S.I.

*ages are guidelines – not mandates

Level 1 & 2

Water familiarity, getting face in water and blowing bubbles. Floating on front and back, flutter kick front and back, forward motion on front and back with assistance. Beginnings of unassisted movement in water. Recommended Ages 3-6

Level 3 & 4 

Continued unassisted movement in water. Beginnings of freestyle and backstroke and rhythmic breathing. Recommended ages 5-7

Level 5 & 6

Continued freestyle and backstroke improvement and beginnings of breaststroke and butterfly. Recommended Ages 6-9

Private Lessons:

*members only

  • 1 Lesson: $35
  • 3 Lessons: $99
  • 5 Lessons: $155