Personal Training

We have highly experienced Trainers who are eager to work with you. Whether you are setting new goals, training for a specific event, or just looking for overall health and wellness – they are here to guide, educate and encourage you on your journey. Our trainers will customize a plan specifically for you that promotes safety, success and strength. To schedule an appointment please call the club (808) 742-2111 or email the Club Manager Tiffany at

Personal Training Session Prices

1 session: $79 Members, $109 NonMembers / 3 sessions: $209 Members, $309 NonMembers / 6 sessions: $379, $479 NonMembers Partner Session (2pp): $100 Members / Youth Session: $59 Members, $69 NonMembers

Meet our Personal Trainers

Stefanie Cannon

Stefanie holds certifications with the American Council on Exercise (ACE) as a personal trainer & functional training specialist.   As an all-around athlete who has personally experienced numerous injuries & strains to the body, Stefanie understands the importance of listening to one’s body and providing it with the necessary “tools” to be at its best.  We need to move our bodies so that we can live!  Striving for progress rather than perfection is a model that Stefanie encourages all of her students to develop within their selves.  It’s never too late to start taking care of our bodies!  

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Tiffany Carolan

Tiffany is a certified Personal Trainer through ACE (American Council on Exercise) and has a passion for helping people move strong and confidently. She is a cancer survivor and has worked really hard to reclaim her life and as a result, she has developed the compassion, patience and understanding to know what it takes to overcome the hurdles that life brings and she loves helping others conquer those hurdles and find their true strength. She believes in functional fitness – strengthening the body to be responsive, confident and balanced throughout our day to day lives so we can live our best lives. She works to create a program that is unique to you and one that will leave you feeling accomplished and successful.

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