Linda Espino

I started yoga late in life in 2005 and in pain from all the injuries over the years playing high impact sports. I would describe my body then as frozen. I had to do something to unfreeze my joints and gain back mobility. Thankfully, I chose yoga and am eternally grateful for the instructors that helped free my mind and body. Although I have a long way to go, yoga has brought me back to health in many ways and I am a half inch taller! I got the call to help others and give back the gift of yoga in 2006. Went to Bali for a 200 hour (grueling) life changing yoga teacher training. 

Join me on a 75 minute journey as you gain more strength, flexibility, balance, healing relaxation and restoration for your mind and body as you move through a series of asanas (postures) on the current of your breath (pranayama). 


Linda’s Schedule

TUESDAY –  Intuitive Flow Yoga 8:30 am (75 minutes) 

THURSDAY – Intuitive Flow Yoga 8:30 am (75 minutes) 

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