Fitness Class Descriptions

Due to COVID-restrictions, class offerings are limited at this time. Most classes, whenever possible will be held outdoors, or will be limited to no more than 8 people in the Fitness Studio. Please follow us on Instagram and on the MINDBODY app for any class updates or class cancellations/modifications. Don’t forget to pick up a copy of the monthly calendar so you don’t miss any events or club activities.

Aqua Fit

Primary Instructor: Teri Wilkinson – This 50 minute class is conducted in a 4 1/2 feet deep pool. Proper swimwear is required. This class takes you through a series of low-impact aerobic exercises that includes cardio and resistance exercises that are appropriate for any skill or ability. We occasionally use water weights or pool noodle flotations. 


Primary Instructor: Courtney Eiler – Barre is a fun, low impact, full body workout which incorporates movements from yoga, Pilates and ballet. All ability levels are welcome. 

Beginner Yoga

Primary Instructor: Ingrid Levy – This beginner’s class introduces the fundamental principles of alignment & breath work in a flow of postures linked together by breath. You’ll be introduced to yoga postures through step-by-step verbal guidance.

Body Blast 

Primary Instructor: Tiffany Carolan – This is a 50 minute total body cardio & strength training class. This is a fast paced, high intensity interval class that uses a mix of plyometrics, cardio bursts, mini resistance bands, and free weights. It’s a shorter format that doesn’t waste any time. This class will wake up your metabolism and keep you in maximum calorie burning mode long after the workout is over. This class offers lots of modifications to challenge you at any level. 

Circuit Smash up

Primary Instructor: Tiffany Carolan – A perfect blend of high intensity cardio intervals paired with total body strength and conditioning circuits. Great for all skill levels. We use a variety of workout equipment (TRX, bosu, weights, sandbags, etc…) to provide you with a fun and challenging circuit.

Flow Yoga 

Primary Instructor: Ingrid Levy – This energetic, powerful, playful flowing yoga class has a strong emphasis on breathing and allows beginners, intermediate and advanced students to be challenged in the same class. 


Primary Instructor: Tiffany Carolan – Wake up your metabolism with this 45 minute High Intensity Interval Training class. We do 5 rounds of 30/60/90 – 30 seconds of cardio, 60 seconds of core, and 90 seconds of strength, with just enough rest for a water break. Our goal is to challenge ourselves a little deeper, exhaust the working muscles, and promote improved personal strength and stamina.

Intuitive Flow Yoga

Primary Instructor: Linda Espino – A 75 minute journey on the current of your breath through a series of asanas designed to bring you more strength, balance, flexibility and relief of stress for mind, body and soul. Namaste. 

Kick It

Primary Instructor: Rachael Bonnetti – A 13-round fitness method that is music-driven, sweat-inducing, kickboxing-inspired. It incorporates high intensity interval training with kickboxing, boxing, rhythmic components, and a meditative cool down to complete the class. All levels welcome!

Low-Impact Fit

Primary Instructor: Stephanie Seiko Gailey – A 45-minute class that focuses on balance, coordination, strength and functional movement to help keep the body safe & moving strong in all of our day-to-day activities.

Pilates Stretch

Primary Instructor: Stephanie Seiko Gailey – This is a Beginner to Intermediate level Pilates Mat Class. This class is formatted to develop and build each student’s grasp of basic Pilates principles while enhancing flexibility and range of motion. They venture into challenging the mobility of their extremities whilst maintaining a stable core. Each class is customized to the day and student. They assist and/or challenge the exercises with the use of props-balls, yoga blocks, weights, and other tools.

Power Pilates

Primary Instructor: Stephanie Seiko Gailey – Faster paced and more upbeat than Pilates Essentials, this is a total body strength workout rooted in Pilates principles, with extra twists to keep it fun and fresh. Expect to use various props to help tone and tighten.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Primary Instructor: Linda Espino – Vinyasa is a type of yoga that links movement and breath to attain balance in the mind and body. Vinyasa aligns a deliberate sequence of poses with the breath to achieve a continuous flow. This class is 60 minutes and all skill levels are welcome. 

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