Whitney Bushnell

Whitney has been practicing yoga for over 10 years and teaching for over 5 years. Her strong passion for yoga shows through her teaching & practice. She has been trained & certified in a wide variety of styles including, Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, Yoga Therapeutics, Buti Yoga and Barre. Whitney’s Vinyasa class incorporates an invigorating, warming flow followed by a relaxing stretch, all to soothing music. She keeps her classes light & fun and encourages all levels, body types and backgrounds to attend. Through yoga we combine the practice of mindful awareness, breath (prana) & movement (asana) to optimize our mental/physical health & well being.

Whitney’s passion lies with her integration of yoga into daily life, and sharing that journey with others. She is a natural born explorer who lives, learns and loves around the globe, and seeks to live simply, with intention. Her goal is to bring people together to be mentally, emotionally and physically more attuned with themselves, and create a more present and fulfilling lifestyle for everyone.

Whitney’s Schedule

TUESDAY –  Vinyasa Flow Yoga 8:30 am (75 minutes) 

THURSDAY – Vinyasa Flow Yoga 5:45 pm (60 minutes) 

FRIDAY – Vinyasa Flow Yoga 8:15 am (60 minutes) 

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