Stefanie Cannon

Stefanie was born and raised in eastern Washington and spent most of her young adult life living in Portland, OR before moving to Hawaii in 2009.  She is a Certified ACE Group Fitness Instructor and a certified Yoga Instructor.

She is a former master scuba instructor & high school science teacher.  As an all-around athlete who has experienced numerous injuries & strains to the body, Stefanie understands the importance of listening to the body and providing the body with the necessary “tools” to be at its best.  Stefanie believes in coming to her yoga mat as a safe haven to unite her body and mind….and have a little fun along the way!  She encourages her students to trust in their breath & movement as they take their journey in yoga.  Stefanie teaches a dynamic sequence that focuses on building strength and flexibility, driven by music that will keep you moving and coming back for more.

Stefanie’s Schedule

MONDAY –  Vinyasa Yoga 8:30am (60 minutes) 

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