Fall Swim Lessons

Please note: Private Swim Lessons are available too!

6 week session  Sept 10 – Oct 11  

LEVEL 1  1:45pm – 2:15pm  WEDNESDAY

Cost: Member $79          Non-Member: $99

LEVEL 2  2:15am – 2:45am  MONDAY & WEDNESDAY

Cost: Member $79          Non-Member: $99

*Parent Tot Thursdays 10:00am  

Cost: Member $69      Non-Member: $89


*ages are guidelines – not mandates

LEVELS 1  Water familiarity, face in water and blowing bubbles. Floating on front and back, flutter kick front and back, freestyle and backstroke arms, dolphin kick, forward motion on front and back with assistance. Beginnings of unassisted movement in water. Recommended Ages 3-6

LEVELS 2 Continued unassisted movement in water. Beginnings of freestyle and backstroke and rhythmic breathing. Beginnings of Breaststroke and Butterfly. Recommended ages 5-7

Coach: Curt Colby           ASCA level II, Swim America, W.S.I.



Thursdays 10:00 am

Cost: Member $69           Non-Member: $89

 Age 8mos – 2yrs. w/ parent in pool *ages are guidelines – not mandates

Parents bring your little one and have fun in the water together. Toddlers will learn basic skills in water; body movement, face submersion, body suspension, passing and more. Help your child develop confidence in the water with Coach Curt!