EVOLUTION Fitness Classes

EVOLUTION 2019 Fitness Class Lineup

At EVOLUTION, full day ticket holders can participate in a variety of fitness classes all throughout the day, led by some of the top instructors from all over the island. You do not need to preregister for classes; however we recommend you get there 10 minutes before the start of each class to sign in and get yourself situated. Class times will be listed as the event draws closer so please check back. Some of the class offerings include, but may not be limited to:

Adrian Nicholas – Mandira

A 60 minute dance/flow class entitled “Jedi Flow Motion”. Jedi flow is an introduction to fire dancing movement and motion. We begin with a brief intro to the art form and how it began. Next we will move through 6 of the foundational moves to create a sequence and pattern we can put together to create a dance. Using the skills taught, students will then be able to integrate their own freedom of motion in any form of dance.

Alexandira Cordero – Samsati Yoga

Alexandira is a certified Yoga Instructor, Nutrition Specialist and Certified Life Coach. She will be offering a Samsati SUP Yoga class in our pool. Samsati Yoga takes your practice off the mat & into a transformational lifestyle experience. We can discover our optimal selves through adopting holistic principles and adventure. Whether traveling or exploring mother nature in your own backyard, you’ll have educational support to make healthy and eco-conscious choices to benefit your own wellness and the local community.

Anna Bazalar – Barre Soul Kauai

Anna is a Master Barre Trainer, and owner of Barre Soul Kauai. She will be leading a 60 minute barre class entitled, “Barre Classic” – a low to no impact full body workout using your own body and resistance to sculpt, tone and lift the body.

Christiane Love – Yoga with Love

Christiane is a certified Yoga Instructor who will be leading a 2 hour acro yoga session that is a fun, playful partnering of yoga and arobatics.

Courtney Eiler – Barre Instructor

Courtney is a Certified Barre Instructor and an Instructor at Poipu Beach Athletic Club. She will be leading a 60 minute Barre class, that combines yoga and barre fitness, using bender balls, yoga blocks, and light weights

Jennifer Davis – Pineapple Pilates

Jennifer is a Romanas Pilates Certified Instructor who will be leading a 60 minute Pilates class to stretch, strengthen and control.

Jen Nicorre – The Yoga Garage

The Yoga Garage will be offering a “26 and 2” original hatha yoga series.

Jessica Eagan – Halani Yoga

Jessica will be leading a 60 minute Kundalini yoga session – kundalini provides a completely different yoga experience. Practiced with eyes closed (and gazing up between the eyebrows), kundalini classes are comprised of small, repetitive movements synchronized with breath that induce deeply meditative states. Kundalini yoga is incredibly powerful and physically challenging – just in a totally different way than other styles of yoga.  Expect to get a little weird, move your body and breath as you never have before and use your voice for toning and chanting. Class will end with a long, sweet, deep rest.

Kristine Rooke – Zumba/Jazzercise/Yoga Wahini (from Washington)

Coming all the way from Washington State, Kristine will be offering a 60 minute Zumba class as well as a AquaFitness Class, all with fun, fast and energetic music and choreography.

Linda Espino – Yoga Instructor

Linda is a Yoga instructor at Poipu Beach Athletic Club and will be leading a 60 minute Intuitive Yoga session – moving through a series of asanas on the current of breath to gain flexibility, strength, balance and peace of mind.

Lynsey Fullam – High Fitness (from Nevada)

Lynsey is a High Fitness Certified Instructor, coming all the way from Nevada to introduce this 45 minute cardio/HIIT class that transforms old school aerobics into a highly addictive new fitness experience that combines simple, modern fitness techniques with music you know & love. Our formula alternates between cardio peaks and toning tracks that will take your heart rate to the sky and strength to the next level.

Mindy Nguyen – Yoga in HI Places

Sponsored by Lululemon, Mindy is bringing her gear from Oahu, to quiet the chatter of the mind and open your eyes to the beauty on this island with a Silent Disco Yoga practice. Silent disco yoga is an innovative journey of flowing movement and sound. Immerse yourself in the motion of yoga with a pair of noise isolating wireless LED headphones, which allows you to hear the instructor at the perfect level while their curated set takes you on a musical journey into sound.

Natalie Senyk – Live Fierce Fitness

Natalie is a certified Personal Trainer and will be leading a 60 minute cardio and strength class entitled, “Lift + HIIT” – build muscle and burn fat in 1 workout. Using weights to build glutes and arms, and finish with HIIT to torch fat.

Rebecca Hart – Buti Yoga Instructor

Rebecca is certified in Buti Yoga and will be leading a 60 minute Buti Yoga session – which is described as a tribal dance with plyometrics and vinyasa yoga; a blend of dance and yoga.

Rochelle Ballard – Surf Into Yoga

Rochelle is offering a 60 minute “Yoga for Surfers” class. YogAlign-Functional Movement / Pain free yoga from your inner core, focusing on breath, alignment, and functional movement to strengthen and release tension, and restore the body and mind. Designed for injury recovery, prevention and dynamic athletic flow.

Shemz – Yoga Teacher ‘Inana Yoga

Shemz is trained in Jivamukti Yoga and is excited to provide students with an invigorating 90 minute session of awesomeness entitled, “Warrior Yoga”.

Stacy Ricciardi – Fitness by Stacy

ACE Certified Personal Trainer & Precision Nutrition certified, Stacy’s class is a mix of 30 minutes of “Glutes, Arms & Waist burner” followed by a 30 minute workshop entitled “AM Makeover” – Learn to rock your morning routine and you will be sure to rock the rest of your day. Tips and tricks for a better night sleep, AM meditation, exercise and food prep.

Whitney Bushnell – Yoga Instructor

This fun & light Vinyasa class incorporates an invigorating, sweaty flow followed by a relaxing stretch, all to harmonizing music. We combine the practice of mindful awareness, breath (prana) & movement (asana) to optimize our mental/physical health & well being. All levels, body types & backgrounds are encouraged to attend.  — Whitney will also be doing a workshop. See the description on HERE

Yenna Abraham – The Yoga Garage

Yenna is a Yoga Instructor at The Yoga Garage and she will be teaching a 60 minute Yin Yoga class.

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