Fitness Class Descriptions

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Aqua Fit

Primary Instructor: Teri Wilkinson – This 50 minute class is conducted in a 4 1/2 feet deep pool. Proper swimwear is required. This class takes you through a series of low-impact aerobic exercises that includes cardio and resistance exercises that are appropriate for any skill or ability. We occasionally use water weights or pool noodle flotations. 

Body Blast 

Primary Instructor: Tiffany Carolan – This is a 50 minute total body cardio & strength training class. This is a fast paced, high intensity interval class that uses a mix of plyometrics, cardio bursts, mini resistance bands, and free weights. It’s a shorter format that doesn’t waste any time. This class will wake up your metabolism and keep you in maximum calorie burning mode long after the workout is over. This class offers lots of modifications to challenge you at any level. 

Flow Yoga 

Primary Instructor: Ingrid Levy – This energetic, powerful, playful flowing yoga class has a strong emphasis on breathing and allows beginners, intermediate and advanced students to be challenged in the same class. 

Harmonize Taiji 

Primary Instructor: Lane Cawthon – All levels are welcome in this fundamentals – focused class that integrates the bodies movements into a smooth, harmonious flow. We’ll first develop the “Taiji body”, aligning to sink into a grounded, stable base (earth, Yin). We’ll then flow from that root, shifting through integrated, whole body, spiraling movements that express through our limbs, efficiently maximizing power and fluidly interacting with the environment (heavens, Yang). Benefits include improved: joint and musculoskeletal health, internal blood and lymph circulation, whole body toning, efficient power generation, meditative and calm body presence, smoother mobility.

TRX Circuit

Primary Instructor: Tiffany Carolan – A perfect blend of cardio intervals paired with total body strength and conditioning circuits. Great for all skill levels. We use a variety of workout equipment (TRX, bosu, weights, sandbags, etc…) to provide you with a fun and challenging circuit. Class is limited to 16 participants so pre-registration is recommended.

TRX Sculpt

Primary Instructor: Stefanie Cannon – A 45-minute class. This is a total body workout that uses TRX straps and cardio bursts to maximize your muscle toning, core strengthening and calorie burning results. Space is limited so pre-registration is recommended.

TRX Strong

Primary Instructors: Tiffany Carolan or Stefanie Cannon – This is a low-impact 45 minute TRX class that gives you a total body workout that improves your balance, stability, strength and mobility, while focusing on proper TRX mechanics and use of our body weight. Space is limited so pre-registration is recommended.

TRX Sweat

Primary Instructors: Tiffany Carolan – A strengthening and toning workout incorporating suspension training exercises leveraging gravity and body weight to develop strength, balance, flexibility and core stability simultaneously. There will be some cardio but the intensity is up to you. Space is limited so pre-registration is recommended.

Vinyasa Yoga

Primary Instructor: Stefanie Cannon – This 60-minute yoga class is a dynamic and energetic flow sequence that focuses on building strength and flexibility. It will wake up your mind and body, increase your heart rate and maybe even make you sweat a little! This class is driven by music and will keep you moving and coming back for more. All levels are welcome to join and explore their fitness journey.

Yin Yoga

Primary Instructor: Carla Nuyda – Come explore this quiet, meditative practice with an emphasis on rejuvenating the natural strength and length of the connective tissues of the body, that may have been lost due to aging, diet and lifestyle. Perfect for beginners and is a wonderful compliment to more active endeavors, including CrossFit, running, surfing or Vinyasa practices. Class is 75 minutes.

Yoga Sculpt

Primary Instructor: Stefanie Cannon – Yoga Sculpt is a hybrid yoga class that blends vinyasa flow, resistance training and short cardio bursts into one 60-minute class. This is a total body workout that uses hand weights (optional) and cardio bursts to maximize your muscle toning and calorie-burning results. Class is set to energizing music to keep you focused and the class is easily tailored for all skill levels.

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