EVOLUTION 2019 Workshop Line up

EVOLUTION full day ticket holders will be offered numerous small group workshops throughout the day to help educate, inspire and promote a healthier mind, body and spirit. Here’s what workshops you can choose from:

Dr. Addison Bulosan – The Specific Chiropractic Centers

Dr. Addison Bulosan is a Doctor of Chiropractic care, with an office in Lihue. He will be conducting a workshop entitled, “Unlocking your Health Potential through your Nervous System.” – Dr. Bulosan will also be our MC for the event and make sure you stop by his 2 vendor booths. I hear he might be offering massages.

Adrian Nicholas – Mandira

Adrian will be offering a Jedi Flow Motion workshop. Jedi Flow is an introduction to fire dancing movement and motion. Mandira will also have a vendor booth so make sure you check out his work.

Christiane Love – Yoga with Love

Christiane is a certified Yoga Instructor who will be leading a 2 hour acro yoga workshop that is a fun, playful partnering of yoga and arobatics. Christiane will also have a vendor booth at EVOLUTION promoting her Silk and Cotton product line.

Daniella Brause – Essential Shine

Daniella will be offering an essential oils workshop where you can create your own “Evolution” blend to take home with you.

Kahu J. Kauilani Kahalekai – Hawaiian Cultural Practitioner/Instructor & Minister

Kahu J. Kauilani Kahalekai will be presenting the opening blessing for EVOLUTION and she will also be offering a small group lecture entitled, “Ho`oponopono” – A Hawaiian Cultural aspect of how to heal the mind, body & spirit.

Jake Atchley – Chiropractic/Lifestyle medicine

Jake Atchley is a chiropractic physician based out of Kapaa. He will be offering two workshops. The first workshop is entitled, “Is Age Reversal Possible?” – Exploring the cellular potential of healing chronic illness and longevity. The second workshop will focus on “Cleanse vs. Detox” – How to safely and effectively detox heavy metals and toxins from deep tissue.

Jennifer Davis – Pineapple Pilates

Jennifer is a Romanas Pilates Certified Instructor who will be offering a workshop on “True Pilates” – understanding movement in your body.

Jill Pollard – Intuitive Empath and Healer 

Join Jill for WORTHY: THE WORKSHOP. Jill will be speaking all about self-love and where genuine worthiness comes from. Self-worth is essential to one’s spiritual, emotional and bodily wellness. This workshop is centered in providing self discovery, reflection, an opportunity for you to drop into your heartspace, and feel your feelings. Jill specializes in helping individuals develop a relationship with their intuition, and recognize their true identity as well as their personal blocks and triggers. Your worthiness comes from inside of yourself and Jill will provide visual aids as well as tangible, practical tools and practices that you will be able to carry with you and apply to your life, guiding you on a more fulfilled and connected path of centeredness and self-love.

Kathryn Stoerzbach – An Elemental Practice

Kathryn Stoerzbach will be speaking on “The Essentials of Self-Care” and “Ayurveda – The Science of LIfe.” Kathryn is an Ayurvedic Health Practitioner and founder of An Elemental Practice, located in Kapaa. Motivated by her own unique health journey, she sees Ayurveda not only as a purposeful passion but also as a personal path towards supporting others back into their natural and most vibrant state of health. Kathryn has learned the wisdom of this medicine that supports the mind, body, and spirit. She provides in-depth assessments and health consultations that support the unique individual for long-term health by working with the root causes of disease through lifestyle support, nutritional education, herbal formulas, stress relief techniques, self-care routines, and more.

Matthew Evans – Personal Trainer/Life Coaching

In addition to Personal Training, Matthew is a Life Coach. He will be offering a lecture entitled, “Proclaim Your Rarity” – Uncovering your uniqueness to enhance your life. By taking a dive into your personality, your internal, external and organizational dimensions, you have the ability to uncover your inherent uniqueness and the endless potential that will enhance your life. // Matthew is also a Personal Trainer at Poipu Beach Athletic Club and will be offering a Group Circuit fitness class at EVOLUTION.

Mary Wheatley – Parent Coach at Inspired Parent Coach

Mary is a CPI Certified Parent Coach and owner of Inspired Parent Coach. She will be offering a workshop entitled, “Parent’s Needs Matter – Ask for what you need.”

Natalie Senyk – Nutrition Coach

Natalie is a NSCA certified Personal Trainer and a Nutrition Coach with Precision Nutrition. She will be conducting a workshop titled, “Diet without Dieting – The Lifestyle.” Learn sustainable tricks and skills to lose weight without dieting.

Rebecca Hart – Yoga Instructor

Rebecca will be offering a workshop entitled, “Rainbow World”, centered on how we hold our stress in our bodies and chakra clearing. Rebecca will also be offering a Buti Yoga fitness class and might even entertain us with some of her DJ skills.

Ron Soderstrom – Ron Soderstom Wellness Coaching

Hypnotherapist, Ron Soderstrom will be offering a small group workshop entitled, “Freedom from Stress & Anxiety”. Learn what stress really is, and how to transform it into beneficial emotional states, all through using mind and body “hacks” that are built into everyone of us. This presentation is based around improv comedy games that will have the whole audience laughing while learning the tools that will change their lives.

Ron Soderstrom – Ron Soderstrom Wellness Coaching

Hypnotherapist, Ron Soderstrom will be presenting his famous, Ron Soderstrom’s “Paradise Hypnosis Show”. — Aloha and Welcome to Ron Soderstrom’s “Paradise Hypnosis Show”. The production where the Audience Volunteers are the Real Stars of the Show! Enjoy with your Friends and Family, an opportunity to let go of your Worries and Cares. To put aside your Concerns and Inhibitions. To Laugh, Play, and have Fun. Just like a child! Remember! Ron Soderstrom is here to Ensure you have the Experience of a Lifetime. Come join the Fun, and create memories you will Always look back on with a smile!

Shemz – `Inana Yoga

Shemz will be offering a workshop entitled, “Clearing out the Clutter: an intro to kriya yoga and hot to get that glow” Topics will cover Shat karma kriyas, “six actions” said to bring balance to the doshas that, in the ayurvedic view, constitute the body.

Stacy Ricciardi – Fitness by Stacy

Stacy is an ACE certified Personal Trainer and a Precision Nutrition expert. She runs her own business and she says she’s in love with helping people feel good! She will be offering a 30 minute “Glutes, Arms, & Waist Burner” fitness class, followed by a 30 minute presentation entitled, “AM Makeover” – Learn to rock your morning routine, and you will be sure to rock the rest of your day. Tips and tricks for a better night sleep, AM meditation, exercise, and food prep.

Whitney Bushnell – Yoga Instructor

Whitney will be doing a workshop entitled, “The 5 Elements of Yoga.” In this workshop we will take a look at a therapeutic approach to yoga by incorporating the wisdom of the Five Element Meridian System of Traditional Chinese Medicine with traditional Indian Hatha Yoga Asana. Students will learn the precise therapeutic benefits of yoga asana’s and which organs are influenced directly by particular meridian pathways, accessed purposefully in specific yoga postures. We will review how to recognize postural implications of chi imbalance in ourselves on & off the mat as well as nutrition & lifestyle support while including affirmations in our yoga practice. We will work directly & effectively with the primary organ systems of the body, by vitalizing the main meridian pathways, optimizing chi flow through the energetic system & influencing physical, psycho-emotional & spiritual health & well-being.

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